Kidco Safeway Gate, Top Of Stairs Gate Review

A safe gate at the top of your stairs might be necessary if you are parenting little kids or have pets. Though, it is not a must that it be permanent. With Kidco Safeway Gate, Top Of Stairs Gate, you are guaranteed of easy installation as well as removal in case you nolonger need it.Kidco Safeway Gate, Top Of Stairs Gate Review

Its quick release hardware used in mounting it to the wall or door frames offers easy uninstall too. It has directional stops modification to prevent opening way out over the stairs.

This Safeway gate from Kidco features a brand superiority design with a heavy duty steel construction that makes it able to serve your family for a long duration. This hardware mount gate is perfect for the top of your staircase top; it doesn’t require a lot of efforts to put in place.

Features of the Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate

Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Kidco Safeway Gate is a one of the best baby gates in our List

One Hand Operation

Kidco Safeway Gate is designed to offer an easy pass even when holding a baby. You only need one hand to operate it; thanks to its one-hand operation style. With the ability to lock children and pets away from risky parts of the house, this gate does not need much effort to be opened by adults.

Steel Construction

Created with strength and durability in mind, this heavy duty steel gate can offer protection service in your house for years. It is the right quality for parents looking for a long term safety gate.

Kidco Safeway Gate, Top Of Stairs Gate Review

Hinge Side Hardware

Installing gates on angles is not easy and may be impossible with some brands. Well, not with this Kidco safeway gate. The hinge side hardware it comes with is meant to make angle installations a worry-free task.

Directional Stop

The directional stop that this Safeway gate features is meant to prevent the gate from swinging out excessively over the stairs. This gate does not cause any inconveniences to daily home operations for the adults.

Quick Release Hardware

The same way it is easy to install, Kidco Safeway Gate includes quick release hardware that makes its removal even simpler. Meaning, in case you don’t need it anymore you can get it off your wall simply and store it away.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction makes it strong and durable
  • Accompanied by installation hardware for easy putting up
  • Can be removed easily in case you no longer need it
  • This safeway get allows for installation on angles
  • The directional stops make the gate operation more convenient


  • The installation hardware makes holes through the wall or door frame

Features at a Glance

  • Steel made
  • Gate Width: 24.75 in – 43.5 inch
  • Gate weight : 2 pounds
  • Bar Spacing: 2.63 in.. 29.5 in. L x 43.5 in. W x 30.5 in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Would you prefer to use this gate in your doorway instead of top of stairs?

A: The installation hardware this Kidco gate comes with screws into the wall, so if you are willing to drill through your door frames, it is perfect.

Q: Is this safeway gate ideal for use by an old person with arthritis?

A: I am 47 years old and I have arthritis. I fing this safeway gate comfortable to have in my staircase top for preventing my grandson from falling off the stairs. It is easy to use.

Q: How is the ease of opening this baby safety gate in case you are holding a baby?

A: It takes a hand and one arm to hold a baby, meaning, you will have the other hand free. With this Kidco Safeway gate, you only require one hand to open it.

Final Verdict

Buy the Kidco Safeway baby gate in case you need something temporary that will be easier to remove whenever you nolonger need it. The installation hardware that accompanies this gate makes its installation easy and stress free. The same applies to its removal.

It is a strong and durable design, built tall enough to handle kids up to the age of 3 years. This steel gate offers complete protection to your children and pets.

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