Best Baby Gates Top Of Stairs – Guide and Reviews

Baby gates are designed to keep children away from dangerous places in the house that can cause harm or injuries to them. You may not be in reach of your child every time while you are in the house. Children love exploring different places, and they may not know the harm ahead of them.

This is why a caring parent will look for a quality top of stairs baby safety gate to ensure that the child does not roll over the stairs. These top of stair baby gates come in different sizes and designs to suit the needs of many customers.

Selecting the right top of stair safety gate can be a problem. This is why we have simplified your work and provided you with five best baby gate top of stairs that will offer maximum protection for your child or pet.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Baby Gate Top Of Stairs

The first thing that you should look for when purchasing a safety gate for use on top of stairs is the brand. Make sure you shop for safety gate brands that are certified by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. This gives you an assurance that they meet all the safety measure needed.

Another important thing that you should consider is the width of the stair opening. In most cases, you will gates with adjustable width to fit an average staircase. If you have a relatively larger staircase, you may consider buying extensions to get a perfect fit.

Determine the type of gate that you want to install. Gates come as either pressure mounted or hardware mounted. If you do not want to damage your wall by drilling holes, you can go for a pressure mounted baby safety gate. You need to note that pressure mounted gates are not ideal for use on the top of stairs because they tend to loosen with time. A child can hence push the gate and get serious injuries.

How I Selected Best Baby Gate Top Of Stair

Not every safety gate will work perfectly for the stairs. We spent several hours researching for the best safety gates that are perfect on the top of the stairs. We came up with different models, and we eliminated those models that did not meet our requirements.

We also spent some time testing the finalists to find out the ease of installation and operation and how sturdy the gate stood. The following models performed incredibly well on the top of stairs, and they are highly recommendable to a parent looking for a quality safety gate.

Editor Rating:

The Kidco Safeway Gate is specifically made to protect your child from rolling over the stairs. Children are adventurous, and they may not know the dangers that are associated with the stairs.

This is why every parent should ensure they are safe by installing a safety gate at the top of the stairs.

The most impressive thing about this safety gate is that it mounts perfectly well to stairway using hardware mounts. This mounting ensures that the gate is safe and very stable. This gate will fit on openings between 24-43 inches and provides options for mounting at an angle.

The installation process is very easy. There are straightforward instructions that make the installation process an effortless task. You can easily operate the latch using one hand. This gate is designed in such a way that it only opens in one direction for maximum safety.

The Kidco safety gate is made from a quality material for durability. You do not have to worry about the gate swinging out over the stairs; there is a direction stop that ensures it does not swing.

Highlighted Features

  • Steel
  • Steel construction
  • Swinging out over stairs

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Summer infant safety gates ensure that you get the best time raising your child. The gates are of high-quality and provide all the safety requirements that are needed to keep your little one safe.

All their products are reliable, and they ensure that your child gets maximum protection.

If you are looking for a stylish safety gate for the stairs, you may consider giving the Summer Infant Walk-Thru Gate a trial. This is a safety gate made to blend with many home decors. The gate can fit opening between 28-48 inches. The summer top of stairs gate can also be used between rooms and the top and bottom of stairs.

This gate is pressure mounted meaning that it will not cause damages on your wall when it is being installed. Nevertheless, it includes hardware options if you need to get a secure installation. The gate can be opened with one hand, and it provides two-way walk-through with auto-close. The gate is perfect for use small pets and toddlers.

The tall walk-thru gate features a sleek arched door, and a bronze finish making it match well with both modern and contemporary home designs. You can depend on this well-constructed baby safety gate for total protection.

  • Metal
  • Imported
  • Bronze metal finish

Editor Rating:

Raising your child should be one of the best and interesting things in your life. There is nothing that keeps a parent happier than knowing the child is safe.

The Evenflo Easy Walk Thru gate is a great product to install on top of stairs to prevent your child from falling down the stairs. This gate will also work well if you have pets in the house.

In most cases, you will find that there is a possibility of the gate swinging over the stairs which can be dangerous. This easy walk-thru gate features a removable swing stop that prevents it from swinging over the stairs. This ensures that your child is safe all the time.

The uniquely designed safety gate has a red/green indicator that shows when the gate is effectively locked. You can easily open the gate using one hand to pass through, but it is difficult for the child. You only need to push the door gently in order to close and lock it.

The sturdy metal construction ensures that the gate is very stable and long lasting. It can be used for many years until the child is big enough. The evenflo - top of the stairs extra-tall gate is pressure mounted, so you do not need any tools for installation.

  • Imported
  • One-hand release handle
  • Removable Swing Stop

Editor Rating:

Monitoring your little one all the time can be a difficult task for a busy parent. This is why you need an effective safety gate that will prevent the child from going up or down the stairs. With the Regalo Extra Tall Top Of Stairs Gate, your child is well protected.

This white safety gate comes with a mounting kit unlike other gates. It is designed with a simple glide technology that allows the gate to expand to fit openings from 32-53 inches. The gate has a height of 35 inches making it a good choice for little climbers.

The Regalo safety gate is constructed using steel to provide durability and strength. You can be assured that your child is safe when you are busy doing other things in the house. The installation process is easy and fast and has a hard rubber banister mount to prevent your wall from getting damaged.

Enjoy the convenient walk-through design that makes it easy for adults to pass through and troublesome for the babies. The smooth glide technology enables the gate to glide inwards and outwards so that you can pass through easily.

  • Stand 35 inches tall
  • Bottom of stairs
  • Durable steel design

Editor Rating:

When your child is safe, you can have some peace of mind. Installing the right safety gate on top of stairs provides maximum protection for your baby. The Evenflo Top of Stair Plus Gate allows you to restrict your child from accessing the staircase.

There are so many dangers that children are exposed to when they are inside the house. This means that a parent should always ensure the baby is safe to avoid problems and other hazards.

This gate can be placed on top of stairs and swings in either direction for a convenient pass through. It comes with 4-point hardware mount that makes it easy to install and remove the gate without experiencing any problems.

The gate also offers you with height and width adjustment system to make it easy to fit various openings. It can expand to fit openings from 30-48 inches. It has a height of 32 inches, which makes it hard for toddlers to climb over.

Highlighted Features

  • Wood
  • Imported
  • Top of stair wooden gate

Final Words

The staircase is a major cause of harm to a little baby. Parents should ensure that they have the best safety gate to protect their little one effectively. Parents are always happy when their children are well protected. Safety gates are designed to make raising kids the most interesting task.

We have provided you with reputable baby gates from trusted sellers, and they are built to offer durability. The gates are sturdy and provide maximum protection for your kid and pet. Having any of the above safety gates will help you bring up your child in a safe environment free from dangers.


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