Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate Review

It’s normal to be worried about your kid’s safety. Because you care, you wouldn’t like to have them exposed to accident prone parts of the house. For that reason, Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate has been constructed to end your worries and make you a better parent.

Regalo has been a parenting partner for a long while now and are popular for designing great products meant to make the life of busy caregivers a little easier. They have played a big role in making caring for little ones simpler.

This easy step gate is another amazing creation from them and fits comfortably in any doorway or staircase tops.

Features of the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Regalo Easy Step Gate is a one of the best baby gates in our list.

Durable Steel Construction

This baby gate boasts a durable all-steel construction. It can comfortably prevent your crawling and walking baby as well as pets from falling off stairs and accessing out-of-reach parts of the house. It is a dependable parenting and pet owner’s partner.

Six-Inch Extension Included

Most safety gates restrict your installation to narrow entries only and that can me so limiting. To solve that problem, this walk through gate comes with a 6 inch extension that allows you to increase the installation width from 34 inches up to 40 inches.

Pressure Mounted

You can be bothered by walk through gates that forces you to destroy you wall finishes or punch holes through your door frames. With this Regalo creation, you don’t have to be worried about that. The pressure mounting makes it easier to install without destroying anything.

Lever Style Handle

44444444444444444This is another user-friendly feature of this baby safety gate. The lever style handle opens simply and works with one touch release technicality. In as much as it complete blocks the way for your baby, it offers easy access for adults.

Convenient Walk Through

This Regalo Easy Step gate is constructed with a convenient walk through feature to eliminate any interference with your natural access to every part of your house. It is installed restrict only kids and pets from falling off staircases and such like accidents around the house.


  • Very simple and easy to install as well as remove
  • Its all-steel construction makes it able to last long
  • Can be extended up to 40 inches wide
  • User friendly lever style handle works with a single touch release
  • Can be used for various entry points including doorways and staircases


  • Does not open on both ways as other safety gate designs

Features at a Glance

  • Easy to install and remove
  • durable steel design
  • Safety lock offers an easy one touch release
  • Very Lightweight and Portable
  • The safety gate is 31 inches tall and can fit openings between 29-1/2 and 34 inches wide.
  • Juvenile Products Manufactures Association certified

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How convenient is this safety gate? Does it open on both directions?

A: It is more than convenient for my staircase top. Though, it opens only on one way. It is still the best I have ever had.

Q: Should I be worried about installing this walk through gate on my wooden kitchen door frame?

A: I hate it too when I have to ruin my wooden frames. However, that is why I considered this safety gate, it is easy to install and the pressure fitting makes it not ruin your wall or frames.

Q: What is the maximum age that I should consider when buying this baby gate?

A: This gate is built with an extra tall height that will prevent even a 3 year old frompassing through to risky areas.

Final Verdict

A popular brand and heavy duty steel construction puts this walk through gate at the top of the list of the best baby gates in the market today. It comes with easy installation options as well as a simple release function for its lever-style handle.

This easy step gate can be used for kids from 6 months to 3 years as well as pets. Its protection is dependable and the gate is built to last long.

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