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The staircase is among the places that pose potential danger to little children who do not know how to navigate the staircase effectively. You can keep your child safe by installing the North States Plastic Stairway baby Gate. This is a heavy duty product that acts as a barrier for your child by preventing them from reaching the staircase.


This is a perfect tool for children between the ages of 6 to 24 months. The gate is 26 inches high and can be mounted to opening from 26 to 41 inches. It is designed using a heavy duty uni-body construction which makes it sturdy and strong.

The sliding safety gate is easy to swing out of the way when it is not use, and you can easily remove it once your child learns to navigate the stairs safely.

Features of the North States Plastic Stairway Gate

North States Plastic Stairway Gate is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put North States Plastic Stairway Gate is a one of the  Best Baby Gate in our List.

Versatile Safety Gate

North States Plastic Stairway Gate 2The gate acts as a good barrier for the staircase in multistory homes. It enables you to maintain the safety of your child or pet at home when you are busy doing some other important things. You can rely on this sturdy tool for reliable protection for your young children and pets.

Lightweight for Easy Transport

It is made of plastic material which is durable and sturdy. The gate weighs 5.22lbs, making it easy to transport it from one room to another. This is a tool that you can trust for keeping young baby away from the stairs, making it easy to monitor the child’s movements.

One Hand Operation

Bringing up little kids becomes an effortless job when you have the North States Plastic Stairway Gate installed on the stairs or between rooms. Parents and adults inside the house can easily operate the gate using one hand for a quick pass through.

Fits Openings from 26 to 41 Inches

North States Plastic Stairway Gate 1The safety baby gate fits perfectly on opening ranging from 26 to 41 inches wide. This makes the product a great barrier for the stairs and other wide openings inside your house. It has a height of 26 inches, making it difficult for small toddlers to climb over.

Hardware mounted Gate

The sliding, hardware mounted gate is easy to install and set up. When not in use, the gate swings out of the way and it cannot swing over the stairs. This product is a great purchase, and you will continue to enjoy great services for long.


  • It has a nice and sturdy latch
  • It is made of a strong heavy duty plastic making it very sturdy
  • Acts as a great barrier in order to prevent young ones from going up the stairs
  • It is a great tool for pets too
  • It is easy to open using one hand


  • Can only be mounted on metal or wood, it does not work well for drywall.
Features at a Glance
  • It’s Heavy duty uni-body construction
  • for 6 months to 24 months ages baby
  • hardware-mounted gate

frequently asked questions

Q: Does the North States gate door auto close?

A: No, it does not auto close, you have to stretch the door out and then crank the knob in order to tighten the gate against the wall.

Q: Has anybody used the gate outdoors?

A: I think the gate is designed for indoor use. Direct sunlight and or freezing weather may cause the plastic to crack.

Q: Does the gate work for normal doorways or is it strictly for the stairs?

A: I do not have a story building, I have two gates installed in the kitchen and room doorways, and they work perfectly well.

Final Verdict

Little ones and pets can be so adventurous and curious inside the house. Children do not know the dangers associated with the staircase, as a caring mother, it is important to install a safety gate for the overall safety of your child. You can keep your baby safe by installing the North States Plastic Stairway Gate.

The sliding hardware mounted gate is easy to use and set up. It is made if a heavy duty uni-bod construction with edges which are round in shape for added safety. This is a perfect product for young children and pets as well.

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