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Kids and pets can be too adventurous around the house sometimes, and they might end up messing the kitchen up or falling by the stairs. Such accidents should be avoided by preventing their entry to vulnerable spots.

Dependable protection and elegant style have been put together to build an all-purpose baby safety gate for parents with a lot of house duties. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is a stable metallic gate designed to make parenting more comfortable.

That is why you need this Multi-Use safety gate for your home to keep kids and pets in right places.

This safety gate shows great versatility in its installation because of both pressure mounting and hardware mounting provisions. It can be used in between rooms as well as the top of stairs. The pressure fit installation system makes it secure and does not leave marks on walls.

Features of the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is a one of the best baby gates in our  List.

Auto Close Walk-Through

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkEnjoy the user-friendliness of this Summer Infant gate Summer Infant gate with its easy opening and an auto close walk-through capabilities. The gate is constructed in a way that it makes the work of the parent easier while offering impossible access for kids.

One-Handed Use

The gate is an easy model and doesn’t require a lot of energy to open. In case you are working around the house or carrying things from one room to the other, you will not be inconvenienced at all with this baby gate. You just need one hand to open it for passage.

Two Extensions for Versatility

This is a multi-use gate that can fit almost everywhere in your modern house. Whether you need it on the hallway, top of stairs or in between rooms, it is designed to fit. The two extensions included to make it able to fit openings 28-48 inches wide.

Metal Construction

The metal construction is an added advantage on safety as well as durability. This baby gate is constructed to provide absolute protections for your little ones and is a long-lasting quality.


  • Attractive design with bronze finish, so can be used for decoration
  • Comes with a removable door stopper to prevent door opening towards staircase
  • Strong metal construction makes the gate durable and dependable
  • The extensions make it versatile for installation in several spots
  • The dual locking system gives it extra security


  • The gate requires skills to install; it is a bit complicated to mount.
 Features at a Glance 
  • Metal made 
  • Pressure mounted installation
  • Optional hardware mounts included for installation on stairways
  • 36 inch tall gate 
  • Auto-close walk through door

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long can this baby gate last me? I have a 7-month old kid, for how long should I use this gate with him?

A: This Summer Infant baby gate is very strong and durable enough to last you several years. It works perfect for children 2 years and under.

Q: How broad can I use this baby gate and is it good for a hallway?

A: Yes, this baby gate is perfect for hallways and staircase, in fact, I use mine in my hallway, and it is perfect.

Q: How wide can this gate open and can that be extended?

A: The extensions are mainly for installation versatility. They make the gate able to fit a lot of entry spaces around the house.

Final Verdict

Being busy should not mean abandoning your little kid. If you can’t be there all the time to watch them, you need to ensure they are kept protected from risky points in the house. Summer Infant Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is perfect for locking your kids or pets off the staircase and so much more other out-of-reach spots.

Fitting openings between 28 inches to 48 inches, this walk-through gate is exactly what you need to keep your young ones and pets safe.

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