Dreambaby Chelsea Hallway Auto Close Security Gate Review

Having the right baby gate that meets your needs makes bringing up a young toddler an easy task for mothers. The Dreambaby Hallway Security Gate is designed for large openings and hallways. The gate is easy to install and fits any opening up to 121 inches with additional extensions.

The two way direction gate enables you to open in any direction and it features an automatic close swing. This an easy to use tool that enables the adults to operate it using one hand. If you have pets, the gate works perfectly well in containing them in a particular area of the house.

Taking care of little ones who love exploring different places in the house becomes a simple task when you have this gate installed. The sturdy gate fits wide hallways well when used with the right extensions.

Features of the Dreambaby Swing Closed Hallway Security Gate

Dreambaby Chelsea Hallway Auto Close Security Gate Review

Dreambaby Swing Closed Hallway Security Gate is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Dreambaby Swing Closed Hallway Security Gateis a one of the Best Baby Gate in our List.

One Handle Operation

Parents and other adults in the house can easily operate the gate using one hand. This provides a convenient and easy access but difficult for the child to operate. You can count on this gate for the overall safety of your child.

Great for Pets

There are some places in the house that you do not prefer your pet visit. This gate acts as a perfect barrier for pets hence containing them in one particular location. You can as well use it to separate the cat from the dog.

Two Direction Opening

This makes the gate a perfect tool that is simple to operate. The gate has an automatic swing close mode that closes the gate once it is opened. This is a great product for a person who has a young crawling baby or a small pet.

Fits Up To 42.5 Inches Wide

His is a safety gate that fits many openings that are up to 42.5 inches. You can continue doing your work in a relaxed manner bearing in mind that your child is well protected from hazards and other dangers in the house.

Pressure Mounted Gate

This makes the installation process a simple job that does not require the help of an expert. You end up achieving a tight and secure fit making the gate very sturdy. The gate works incredibly well and it is JPMA and ASTM certified.


  • Great purchase for large openings and hallways
  • It is easy and simple to install
  • It has a great design that makes it look good
  • It is made from metal making it very solid and sturdy
  • It swings in both ways making it easy to work with


  • The plastic upper hinge is subject to wear and tear
  • Features at a Glance
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29.9 x 39.2 x 2 inches
  • Automatically closed option
  • Easy one-handed operation

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: I have an opening that is 48 inches wide, will this gate fit?

A: I have an opening that is 46.5 inches, I had to look for extensions and it looks and works great.

Q: What is the maximum height of this baby gate? I need to mount below my counter that is 31 inches.

A: The maximum height of my gate is 29.75 inches.

Q: What is the material used to make the gate?

A: I bought the gate for our grandson, it is made of metal making it very sturdy. I really love this gate.

Final Verdict

Keeping an eye on your little one all the time can be a difficult task for many mothers. Having Dreambaby Swing Closed Hallway Security Gate simplify your work and ensures that the safety of your child is observed. The gate works well and can be used to separate the cat from the dog.

The gate is sturdy, easy to accommodate baseboards and you do not necessarily need to drill holes on your wall. It is suitable for any opening size using the required extensions and it is JPMA and ASTM certified.

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